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Sunday, 28 May 2023
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Yellow and Red Flowers
Yellow and Red Flowers

Welcome to Schedule Tranquility!

My name is Jeff and earlier this year I was diagnosed with coronary artery disease. This is what killed my father when he was about two years older than I am now.

Yikes, right?

Fortunately I am one of the rare people who are diagnosed before they have a heart attack.

How? Easy, because I went to a cardiologist and told him my family history and agreed to ALL the scans.

Long story short, either I can a) change my diet, lower my cholesterol, exercise and reduce stress or b) have a heart attack and likely die.

Seems like an easy choice, right? But then why do so many people not choose a?

Well it's easy to say, “I am changing my life right now”. What's hard is the next day. The next week. The next year.

There are no guarantees I'll be successful. Some days I eat something I shouldn't or miss my exercise.

Even if I do everything I'm supposed to, I could still have a heart attack and die.

BUT, every time I do eat the right things and get my exercise in, I improve my odds just a tiny bit.

If you want to follow along and learn what I learn, then I'd love to have you with me.

I plan to publish recipes for mostly plant based dishes, talk about how to reduce stress, and share what I learn about taking care of my physical and mental health.

My guess is that you will have many of the same problems I have.

Towards that goal, I'm going to publish this blog and publish videos on my YouTube Channel.

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