Sunday, 28 May 2023
  • By
  • Jeff Ammons

This is the place to learn about healthy living that isn't boring or miserable.

We each have to take care of our body, mind and soul, especially as we near or reach retirement. We know we should eat better, exercise more and practice some form of mindfulness while connecting with nature, but how the heck can we work that into a busy life?

That was me right up until I found out I have heart disease and was on the fast train to oblivion if I didn't make changes AND FAST.

That's when I realized I needed to eat better, exercise more, and reduce stress..

I'm not a doctor and nothing here is medical advice. I'm a patient who is learning to manage heart disease.

Join me on this journey to discover how to live better, live longer, and Schedule Tranquility into my life.

Jeff Ammons is a software architect who lives in Florida. He works for Electronic Arts, but he does not speak for them. His opinions are his own and not a reflection of EA.